The Caulfield Cup is an important lead up event to the esteemed Melbourne Cup. It is an Australian race that is popular to bet on and even more so since the internet has brought global access. The race is for thoroughbred horses three years old and older and is 2 400m or one and a half miles long.

The track is limited to only 18 horses from Australia and abroad. The first Caulfield Cup race took place in 1879 in mid-October and has been going ever since. The race takes place at the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.

Online betting on the Caulfield Cup involves selecting safe and secure online sportsbooks to prevent any loss of funds. The top rated sites offer bonuses and better odds that are more accurate than others.

Common Types of Caulfield Cup Bets

The different Caulfield Cup betting options are typical for any horse race betting. Some online sportsbooks offer a wider range than others but the common options are offered at mostly all sites offering this event.

Single Caulfield Cup bets involve picking the winner, placement or both with an additional each way bet. Quinella and Exacta bets consist of picking the first two places either in any order or in a specific order.

Trifecta and First4 bets consist of picking the first three or four places in order. A mystery bet can be placed. This is where the computer generates the first three favourites to place. Quaddie bets involve predicting the winners of any four nominated races and multibets combine multiple bets into one bet in order to increase the odds. All bets must be won to win the overall multibet.

A patent bet is also multiple bets but they do not all need to be won in order for a pay out. Only one of the several bets chosen can be won. All in betting is a fixed odds bet involving bets placed prior to the final Caulfield Cup line up. If a horse is scratched from the race for any reason the bet is lost.

Tips for Caulfield Cup Betting

Always bet at Aussie sports betting sites when betting on the Caulfield Cup. They will provide better information on the types of bets available as well as the odds associated with them.

Plenty of information on the horses competing is available online and researching them is key to knowing which may perform better than others. Look into the winning history of the horse and any changes such as new riders or trainers and so on.

Bets should not be placed on a whim so it is best to know who has the better chances of winning any of the races or overall at the Caulfield Cup or even who has good chances of winning with great odds. There are plenty of side bets available at different online sportsbooks which may result in a return even if the common type of bets are not won. These bets can be based on a variety of things so look out for what is available and which of the horses will be best to bet on when it comes to the side bets.