Claiming a free bet is easy, the top online sports betting sites will have a number of free bets available to all of their bettors and these bets can be used to make the online betting better. Every free bet that is available will have different terms.

In order for a bettor to claim a free bet they will need to open up a betting membership account with the relevant bookmaker. After the account is created and the free bet is awarded to the bettor, the terms will vary. In some cases, you would need to deposit a certain amount to unlock the free bets, or you would need to bet a certain amount to unlock the free bets. Once a bettor has met the criteria to unlock the free bets the membership account will be credited with the bonus. This can be used to make any bet on the site and is treated as though it were a deposit made by the bettor themselves.

Bettors that win using a free bet will notice that they will receive their winnings into their membership accounts just like any other bet however the initial free stake may not be credited. An example of this would be that if you had a ten dollar free bet credited to you and you used this to make a bet with two to one odds and won. You would get the twenty dollar winnings but not the ten dollar initial free bet. In some cases the bookmakers will offer a free bet no deposit, which will just be an initial amount of money that is credited to the bettor with no deposit required.

Some cases bettors may find that in order to get their free bets they would have to have a high betting turnover, this means that they are continuous bettors and regulars to a certain site. For example, the terms might state that a bettor will receive a free bet that can be used to make a number of bets on the site, however in order for that amount to be withdrawn; they would need to make a total of three more bets after that.

Why Do Bookies Give Free Bets?

It may seem too good to be true and anybody using the internet knows that that is always a bad idea, but it does actually make a lot of sense for a bookmaker to give away free money to get people to open an account. It’s actually quite a cheap method of advertising for them and this form of marketing cannot be done by many companies, while with some people the bookmakers may end up losing if the players take the money and use it to make one bet and then never return, they hope that some will stay around and use the sites a few more times and become a returning customer.

The industry does not need to concern itself with losing money on potential clients because the online betting world is full of bettors that enjoy making regular bets. Claiming free bets is easy and all you need to do is find a top rated Canadian sportsbook that features regular rewards.