The first thing any online betting guide worth its salt will tell punters is that they should start off small, and make sure their priorities are in place. Funds should be allocated wisely when punters start off learning how to place bets, and as they continue, and risking entire bankrolls on even a seemingly sure thing generally ends in disaster. The nature of betting means that there is no guarantee of a win, and bettors who understand that before they enter the real money fray fare far more favourably.

An online betting guide always advises that punters begin their betting processes with smaller stakes, and gradually increase these amounts only when they are 100% confident that they understand how the wager in question works. Punters are in it for the long haul, generally, and, since their interest in gambling is not momentary, proper bankroll management is a vital part of any gambler’s online betting guide system.

Finding a Good Online Betting Guide

Thanks to just how popular the world of online gambling is nowadays, punters will not find it a difficult task to locate a comprehensive online betting guide that is able to advise them as to the best procedures to follow for their particular pastime. Whether it is sports betting; race betting; financial wagering or even online election wagers that the punter is interested in, there is an online betting guide to help him or her, and all the assistance they may require will be provided totally free of charge.

Punters will quickly realise that the best advice in existence for gambling as a whole is that one should only ever bet what one can afford to lose. The best idea is for betting of any kind to come from a fund that punters have available after all their regular commitments have been met: once the rent; rates; and utilities have been covered, any money left over can be used to engage in stress-free gambling whenever the punter may desire.

The Most Popular Online Bet Types

An online betting guide will be able to explain the various wager types available to punters on the World Wide Web in detail, and help them figure out the ins and outs of each, as well as when is best to apply which. The two most popular are:

  • Moneyline bets

These require that punters predict which team will triumph in a matchup, and these wagers are most popular with punters who prefer basketball; football; and other types of sporting activities for their betting. The payout for these wagers is the same, regardless of how many runs or points the team the punter selected manages to win by, and this bet is a great place for beginner bettors to find their feet.

  • Point spread bets

These are said to have originated in the 1940s, and we have a Mr Charles K McNeil of Chicago, in the United States of America, to thank for them. He was a professor of mathematics who invented these for use in his own bookmaking system, and it stands today as the single most popular method by which wagers are laid on two of America’s most popular sports in terms of betting: basketball and football.